The Hill Names a New Features Editor

If National Journal‘s Ron Fournier had the most effusive internal memos around Washington about this staff, The Hill‘s British-born Hugo Gurdon keeps it clipped and clean and gets right to the point. No otherworldly over-the-top praise for these journalists.

In a recent internal memo, Gurdon announces newsroom moves, everything from a new Features Editor — Emily Goodin is taking over from Kris Kitto, who recently left the publication. In another big newsroom move, Niall Stanage has been promoted to Associate Editor. They’ve also hired Ben Goad for the Business & Lobbying beat. He comes to Washington from the Press Enterprise in Riverside, Calif., and will sit just outside Gurdon’s office, which means he’s in the hot seat. He can eavesdrop on everything going on inside the nerve center of the office. But also, they can keep a close eye on him.

See the memo.

From: Hugo Gurdon
Subject: newsroom moves
To: All Staff

There are a number of moves in the newsroom that to tell you about.
Emily Goodin has taken over from Kris Kitto as Capital Living editor.
She hopes that many of you will write for the section so please do
think of features that you would be keen to contribute.
Sheldon Alberts, after successfully overseeing the Monday issue for
the past year, is taking over from Emily on the news desk, working
with the other editors and taking a special responsibility for
campaign coverage.

Taking over from Sheldon on the Monday paper will be Niall Stanage,
who is promoted to the position of associate editor. Niall has worked
on the Monday for two years and written many of its cover stories. He
is also an experienced magazine editor and knows the workings of
Monday issue well. (We have begun interviewing to fill the staff
reporter slot Niall vacates in this move.)

Finally, Ben Goad, who for five years has been Washington
correspondent for the Press Enterprise, of Riverside, Calif., joins us
today as a Business & Lobbying reporter focusing on regulations. He is
sitting at the desk immediately outside my office. If you have not
already done so, please introduce yourself.
Thanks, Hugo