The Grossest Thing You’ll Read Today

Monday evening on Twitter was hard to handle. With the BCS National Championship Game, the death of Richard Ben Cramer and the premier of ABC’s “The Bachelor”, we were hit with randomness from all angles. When you think you’re ready for anything, you get a tweet that totally throws you off your game and has you asking, “WTF?!?!”

That’s exactly what happened late Monday evening when Catherine Andrews, Director of Digital Content at Home Front Communications and former Editorial Director at Washingtonian, sent out a tweet that shook us to the core.

What was the terrorizing tweet?

Andrews was doing some late night grooming when she wrote:

While I don’t claim to know much about ladies, I don’t know that calling your body a “carnival of horror” is normal. Maybe Andrews is setting a trend by fashioning “The Lady Beard.”

Humans, as a species, are gross. We’re only slightly more refined than your average orangutan. Luckily, Andrews had the presence of mind to pluck the offending hair, but why in the world would you TWEET this information?