The Greatest. List. Ever

Mad props to the Hotline for putting together an insanely comprehensive list of the correpsondents, producers and editors at each network. We were tempted to just reprint it here, since it’s such a valuable resource, but so much time must have gone into this that we’re going to make you obtain it the old fashioned way: Pay for it.

But here’s a tease:

    Senior VP Paul Mason
    Senior VP/Bureau Chief Robin Sproul
    Senior DC corr/”This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos
    Pol. dir. Mark Halperin
    Senior pol. editor Virginia Moseley
    Dir. of Operations Jane Aylor
    VP Operations Glenwood Branche
    WH corr. Martha Raddatz
    WH corr. Jessica Yellin
    WH weekend corr. John Hendren
    Senior Pentagon/Defense corr. Jon Karl
    Senior Nat’l/Pol. corr. Jake Tapper
    Legal corr. Pierre Thomas
    SCOTUS corr. Jan Crawford Greenburg
    “GMA” senior nat’l corr. Claire Shipman
    “GMA” weekend anchor Kate Snow
    Digital Group/Political Radar/The Note senior prod. Sara Just
    Digital Group/Political Radar/The Note pol. prod. Ed O’Keefe
    The Note/Political Radar prod. David Chalian
    The Note/Political Radar prod. Teddy Davis
    The Note/Political Radar prod. Tahman Bradley
    The Note/Political Radar ed. prod. Nitya Venkataraman.

And it goes on and on…for Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FNC, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, PBS…