The Great American American Apparel Assault

We realize that we’ve been talking a lot about Second Life lately, even though, in every post, we mention that we don’t quite get the whole phenomenon entirely, and here’s just one more, but this one was just too good to pass up. From users of the game, it appears that, earlier this month, the American Apparel store was attack and forcibly held by a group calling themselves The Second Life Liberation Front. Sure, they’ve got a lousy acronym, but what can you do? Here’s why the did it:

One account is at Second Life Insider. Aimee Webber made the scene and confronted “Dave,” a furry (as they say) with “automatic weapon in hand,” and asked: Why pick on American Apparel?

The answer: “It’s because of its representative value. I have stopped about 50 people using this place today without affecting the wider operation of SL.” Dave and the Army’s larger point seems to be that Second Life itself is “more than a company” and “more than a business,” and residents deserve more say in matters of governance.