The Glossys’ Perception of Obama


As this writer attempts to pull a Jay-Z/Obama move this week by brushing off the “eh, big deal” loss by the candidate in Pennsylvania, we found some comfort over at Folio, with their piece, “How Magazines Treat Obama.” Working off a line from Newsweek editor Jon Meacham about our not just picking candidates but their stories as well (both true and fabricated, if there’s anything even remotely separating the two at this point or in any political contest), Folio went out to collect all the magazine covers Obama has graced, to take a look at how that medium was selling him. Turns out, it’s all been pretty terrific, largely because he creates a good story from any angle. Here’s a bit:

Meacham may be stating the obvious here, but it underlines one of the reasons the media seems to be so fascinated with the presidential candidate and all the different ways magazines portray him: the contender, the new hope, the impassioned speaker, the suave sartorialist, the debonair intellectual, the family man, the fresh alternative — even, as Tiger Beat reported, the senator who sings in the shower.

It isn’t a long piece, beyond the image and most of what we just pulled out above. But there are some great related links worth checking out and, if anything, it’s interesting to see the full-size image of all the cover captures.