The Glass House’s Badly Needed Repairs and the Fundraising Efforts to Help Provide Them


Three years ago, Philip Johnson‘s Glass House opened to the public to much fanfare, and between celebrity tours, pop-up shops and high-profile conferences, that enthusiasm has continued. Unfortunately, while the buzz has helped keep the famous architect’s prized series of buildings in the public eye, the passage of time hasn’t been so kind. Bloomberg reports that several of the 13 buildings within the compound are in dire need of repair, in particular the Brick House, which Johnson used when he wanted to escape the transparency of his more iconic all-glass buildings and where “he could feel comfortable with his homosexuality.” That building is suffering from severe mildew and has an ever-worsening foundation problem, which is said to need more than $3 million to repair. That, in addition to all the other needed fixes throughout the compound, adds up to some considerable expenses. In a move to raise money, the National Trust, which oversees the Glass House, as well as the still under repair Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, has asked more than 100 artists, designers and architects to create pieces to have auctioned off at two events, one here in Chicago today and one in New York in early October (you might recall that we had a post up about the great posters made for the events). If you have some extra hundred thousand dollar bills you’re not using and want to put them to a good cause, here’s your chance.