The Gift Guide For Annoying Coworkers

Still crossing your coworkers off your holiday list? Worry no more. Fistful of Talent, the HR blog, has come up with eight things to give to your annoying coworkers in the spirit of the holidays, even if what they really deserve is a swift kick in the rear. (har har.)

For example, for the lazy employee who’s too lazy to get up and grab his copies from the machine, too lazy to walk to a different cube and instead just IMs people sitting two rows away, and so on, you could purchase a pedometer that actually delivers a small shock if you sit still too long.

The person who doesn’t understand email etiquette can be tossed a copy of this book:
And so on, and so on. There are gifts for the office gossip, the rude jerk, and even the Guy Who Is Always Late. Happy holidays!