The Gift Every Grad Wants: The Stark Realities of Truth

We haven’t visited with the terrific site Crit for a little while now, so we thought we’d drop in and see what was going on. And did we find something good? We did. There was a lengthy response by Randy J. Hunt to a couple of questions a site user had asked a while back: “Did you leave school with a great portfolio?” and “If your goal is teaching, are all MFA degrees equivalent?” It’s a good, interesting response Hunt offers up and worthy of reading, but something we can boil down into this quick synopsis: “Maybe.” By which we mean, in further, longer synopsis, “Programs don’t really make the designer (or the anyone in any profession), you make yourself whatever you want, utilizing these programs as much or as little as you want.” That’s the way we’ve seen most any grad, undergrad, or even night school program, and it’s often something people don’t take a look at, particularly potential students. This writer couldn’t give a damn about education going into college, but after taking a couple of years off, realized, “Geez, now I can see that some of this stuff is kinda interesting.” So if you’re of that age, it seems like an essential read.