The Gawker Fox News Mole is Shopping a Memoir

Surprise! Joe Muto, Gawker’s Fox News Mole — who never posted anything worth reading— is shopping a memoir. According to The New York Observer, Muto’s book is tentatively titled An Atheist in The Foxhole and will take a humorous tone:

The proposal outlines chapters devoted to the “cheapness and stinginess” of Fox News (‘cannot be overstated’), Mr. O’Reilly’s morning ritual (‘lots of yelling’) and— ‘in what’s certain to be the most talked about chapter of the book’ —the 2004 sexual harassment suit filed against Mr. O’Reilly… ‘I’ll go through the lawsuit line by line, offering my own interpretation and commentary, and will definitively answer the question Did He Do It?,’ Mr. Muto wrote.

It’s nice of Muto to answer that question. We’re sure it must be music to the ears of all the people out there desperately hoping to hear his version of the events. He’s the Gawker Fox News Mole! He will certainly tell the truth!

Of course anyone who has been following Muto’s story knows that his memoir will be completely lackluster. Even when he tried to be gossipy in his Gawker posts — Bill O’Reilly poops! OMG! LOL! — he failed miserably. But hell, if Snooki can get a book deal, we’re sure someone will pay for Muto’s work. Let’s just hope the publisher understands his book won’t be as good as hers.

[Pic via Gawker]