The Fuel That Fires Ontario’s Ire

This writer’s been on a logo kick it seems this week, so what better way to end the week than with…a story about logo design. This time, it’s from our neighbors to the north. From a new story we happened upon, it seems that everyone is all riled up about the newly released version of Ontario’s official trillium logo, designed by the firm Bensimon-Byrne. Design critics hate it, government officials are angry, claiming partisianship, saying it too closely resembles the Liberal party’s logo, and everyone in between is angry that the thing cost a bundle ($219k) in the middle of a big deficit. It’s a great story, because, really, how often are you reading a story in the paper about logo design getting people all worked up? Our opinion about the whole thing? We think the new one kinda looks like that all-too-familiar stick figure guy in Microsoft Word’s included clip art made some friends.