The fishbowlLA sex tape poll

videot.jpgLately, we’ve been thinking about celebrity sex tapes. This week, US reveals that one’s about to hit the streets featuring Kid Rock and Scott Stapp (no, not together, but engaged in what child psychologists call ‘parallel play’). Anyway, it sure seems like a lot of celebrities get taped having sex, especially if one assumes that for every tape that makes its way to the public, there are several that don’t.

The FishbowlLA statistics department, which is outsourced to Mumbai, estimates that about 6% of celebrities are taped having sex at some point. An informal poll of FishbowlLA acquaintances, however, reveals an anemic sex tape incidence of 1%. (No, we aren’t saying who.) This discrepancy suggests three competing hypotheses:

1) Celebrities tape themselves having sex out of narcissism and/or a compulsion to see themselves reproduced on a screen;

2) Celebrities aren’t actually more eager to make sex tapes than the rest of us, and only do so to leak them to the media and reap the rewards of the attendant publicity;

3) Our non-celebrity polling sample was unrepresentative, and lots of people are making sex tapes.

Please help us investigate this matter further by using the Anonymous Tips box to the right to report if you have ever made a sex tape. Please also indicate whether or not you are a celebrity.

Thank you on behalf of FishbowlLA and social science in general. Next week: Blu-Ray or HD-DVD– which will win the upcoming sex tape format war?