The FBNY Interview: Fox Business’ Nicole Petallides


FishbowlNY recently had the opportunity to interview Nicole Petallides of the Fox Business Network. Afrer the jump, the Queens native discusses covering finance, working the morning shift, making the transition from producer to anchor and how she was a “total jock” in college.

FBNY: As a New York native, what is it like to work in your hometown?

NP: I love New York and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I like the hustle and bustle, the restaurants and the theatre. I often take pedicabs around the city because getting a cab in New York is a small miracle.

I’ve worked at NY1, Good Day New York, CNBC, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and CNN in the city. Business leaders and market makers are so accessible here, with mutual funds, hedge funds and of course the New York Stock Exchange located here. I’ve been in and out of the NYSE for about a decade, so it’s very much a home to me. The traders are helpful, showing me stocks that are making news and helping interpret trends and telling me what their institutional brokers and investors are doing. It’s a great market indicator.

FBNY: What has been your best experience working at Fox Business so far?

NP: The people at Fox Business Network are smart, fun and supportive. It’s a great group and everyone has an interesting background or hobby. I was a total jock (played Division One soccer for three years in college) and it seems a lot of us were big athletes. Maybe it breeds competitiveness and endurance? I don’t know. Fox is a great presence in the U.S. – they know how to make great television.

FBNY: Before becoming a full-time anchor, you worked as an assistant producer and segment producer at CNBC and Dow Jones. What was the most surprising thing in making the transition from behind-the-scenes to the anchor’s chair?

NP: I like being an anchor. It’s a chance to cover a wide variety of topics because you have a whole hour, not just a couple of minutes. Also having a co-anchor and other key players in the show is great because you really develop a relationship with the people you work with.

It’s always interesting when the show is perfectly planned, and then news breaks and everything gets re-jiggered and we’re starting over. I like covering breaking news because it’s a rush and I want to get it out to the viewer as fast and accurately as possible.

FBNY: What was your take on all the initial media talk about FBN’s launch?

NP: I was just excited about starting the new network. Certainly, we worked incredibly hard. The network I think looks great. I think the team both in front and behind the camera was carefully selected because of their great experience.

FBNY: Since October, what has been the biggest change you’ve seen around FBN?

NP: At first the focus was about getting off the ground, and now the focus is on making it even better. People are persevering through the long hours and lots of work, and they’re still smiling. We’re adding new segments like “The Number” on Fox Business Morning where Ray Hennessey talks about the number that will be important on Wall Street and trading desks that day – whether it’s sales figures, jobs data or the price of oil. I also enjoy the “Winners and Sinners” segment because it’s not only business-focused, it’s about life.

FBNY: Working the morning shift: What’s it like?

NP: Brutal! It’s nice to do the morning shift because you get a jump on the day and there’s no wait – you’re the first team to get the news out. I have my routine, from eating my chocolates to having a Diet Coke to try to wake up quickly because I get up at 2 AM. I’ve been in this business for almost a decade so I’m used to working crazy hours. I’m a morning person, not a late-night person (I’m the person who goes water-skiing at 5:00 AM).

FBNY: Who has been the most interesting guest you have had on Fox Business Morning so far?

NP: At the NYSE I recently interviewed a trader who was retiring after 46 years and when I asked him what he was going to do with all his new free time, he said “Disco dancing” and the place went crazy. On Fox Business Morning we talk about all the hot stories, from Donald Trump to sports. I also like covering sports from the weekend.

FBNY: What’s your favorite aspect of the business?

NP: The fast pace, it’s never boring and I learn something new everyday. It’s smart but glamorous.