The Fake Nikki Finke Outs Himself

The hilarious Twitter parody account @NIKKlFINKE, which popped up in July, so infuriated the real Nikki Finke that she demanded Twitter remove it. The crack team at Twitter couldn’t tell the difference between the real and fake accounts, so they suspended both of them.

The faux-Finke tweeter, who continues his valuable service at @Fake_NikkiFinke, has until now chosen to remain anonymous. But this past weekend he finally revealed his true identity over at The Native Angeleno. Alex Litel, a self-described “20-something freelance human being,” understands that coming out of the closet means making himself a target of Finke’s legendary wrath. He writes:

Presumably, the reason I never received any variety of legal threat through the anonymous email address associated with the account is Nikki was not entirely sure who I was. I know for a fact that she did, however, threaten people who wrote about my fake Twitter account, so I imagine there will be bizarre tirade of dubious standing in my inbox within a half-hour of this post going online.

Litel also added a phone number to the post, in case Finke wanted to leave one of her infamous screeching voicemails.