The eXiled‘s War Nerd Starts a Daily Blog

Exciting news for fans of The eXiled. The site’s most popular writer Gary Brecher, the Frenso data entry slave otherwise known as the War Nerd, has vowed to begin blogging daily.

It comes down to logistics, like it usually does. I can’t sustain these massed offensives anymore, these 5000 word columns that take weeks to research. That assassination column nearly assassinated me, so many angles to consider, and even then, no sooner was it up than people were posting objections, absolutely right objections too, about stuff I’d left out.

So for the next three months I’ll post a short blog every day. Including Sunday, just to flick a Sicilian thumb at my mother’s side of the family, who think it’s wrong to do much except mope and stare through the lace curtains at people who aren’t moping hard enough and feel a little better thinking about how they’ll be surprised once they’re  roasting in eternal napalm.

It’s going to be fast and light, dune buggy Brecher, long range desert patrol like that great war tv series, everybody’s idea of how to make war, zipping around the desert on souped-up trucks leaving Third Reich fuel tanks burning in your tire tracks.

We’ll see if Brecher can stick with his daily blogging plan. His byline disappeared from existence for nearly a year between 2009 and 2010. But with all that’s going on the the Middle East, U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the perennial carnage in Africa, he should have plenty of material to work with.