The eXiled Offers Dan Gainor $100,000 to Punch Alan Grayson in the Face

There’s a lot of money currently riding on the first person to punch Florida Congressman Alan Grayson in the face. Earlier this week, right-wing media critic Dan Gainor started the betting by offering $100 to the first congressman to punch “smary idiot” Grayson in the face. We think he meant smarmy, but we’re not sure. Media Matters caught the tweet.

Not exactly a shrinking violet, Grayson responded to Gainor’s threat in the Huffington Post, “I think he’s overlooking something important: I punch back.”
Stoked at the chance to see a tough-talking Republican actually back up his words, and get pummeled for them, The eXiled just posted this bet on their site:

We At The eXiled Hereby Offer $100,000 Cash To Dan Gainor If He Is Man Enough To Punch Grayson In The Nose Himself…No Seriously, We Mean It: $100,000 Cash To Dan Gainor If He’s Man Enough To Punch Alan Grayson In The Nose…

Something tells us The eXiled’s money is safe.