The Election Through the Eyes of Magazines, A Recap


Following a similar post from back toward the end of those brutal primaries, before we got into the even more vile general election season, where our friends at Folio took at look at how magazines had portrayed Obama on their covers, they return to look over the whole election, with all of the big three (Obama, McCain, and Clinton). It’s without words, just page after page of cover scans, allowing you to go back to enjoy the memories, cringe at all the many cringe-worthy moments, and scan over what has just been the longest, most drawn out thing ever to happen in human history (even the Hundred Years’ War was shorter than this). And semi-related, if this writer can take this second to editorialize more than he usually does (which was already too much to begin with), we invite you to go back and look at the coverage we’ve had on Obama’s branding. If today brings home a win for his team, it won’t strictly be just be for political reasons, it will be something of a testament to the power of design at the hands of people who know what they’re doing. And we find that important, even if it isn’t discussed, or should be at all, as somehow a perceived slight to the brilliant campaign he’s run (as silly as that seems, but we’re far beyond putting that past people anymore). Rare is it for politicians to get much of anything right, even Obama, but no matter your politics, you’d be hard pressed to find someone not willing to applaud Sender, the firm responsible for the candidate’s identity package, nor Obama’s team for recognizing what they could do and hiring them.