The Dog Whisperer In Print

jpgmagcover.jpgLast year, as our economy was beginning to crumble, I was walking by a doggie boutique with my friend Randall. As we peered in at the couture collars and tutus for Shitzus, he predicted that the pet industry would be among the first victims of the recession. But I knew Randall was wrong. Certainly our country’s deep bond with the canine species would help us get through these troubled economic times. We co-evolved with these beasts, they’ve stuck by our side through wars and famines, and they will see us through to a healthy stock portfolio, I just know it.

Cesar Millan seems to see things my way. The “Dog Whisperer” is launching a new magazine called Cesar’s Way, and it hits newsstands tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal had a peek at the publication, and says it is:

filled with slick photos of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston with pets in tow. Articles include “Can Your Dog Fix Your Marriage? Just Ask Jada Pinkett Smith” and “7-Day Doggie Detox.”

Okay, so it sounds like utter schlock. All the more reason to think the mag will be a big hit. Wouldn’t you rather look at pictures of puppies than read the Economist?