‘The Decapitator’ Strikes England’s Billboards


Just when we’d started feeling a little overwhelmed by street art, seeing it everywhere and constantly seeing it referred to as the greatest thing since sliced Picasso, our love of it was rekindled with the news of an artist hitting up streets in the UK called The Decapitator. Aptly named, the surely soon-to-be-millionaire vandal has taken to attacking billboards, removing the heads of the models, and playing around a bit with the grisly, new composition. Now, late last week, he’s struck again, taking his wrath out on Sex in the City by handing Sarah Jessica Parker her own head:

In his latest work on Mare Street in Hackney, Sarah Jessica Parker — who plays Carrie Bradshaw in the film and TV series — can be seen sauntering across the board, but her head has been chopped out and replaced with a realistic depiction of a blood-oozing stump.

The vandalized poster appeared just days before the film was released in London on Wednesday last week.

More of his attacks can be found over at Flickr, should you be a fan of such distasteful things.