The Daily Caller Turns 2

The Daily Caller celebrates two years on the planet this week — what, no birthday shout-out in Politico‘s Playbook (h/t When Hell Freezes Over)?

It was January 2010 when The Daily Caller first burst on the scene. Like any start-up, they’ve lost people, gained people, snagged people back after they’ve lost them, and things are constantly changing. The DC is comprised of a wild, raucous bunch who don’t function well on rules — they have a keg in their ping pong room, they subsist on energy drinks and Marlboro Reds, they tweet their asses off, they go shooting in West Virginia, and they once had a reporter jump up on a desk and pull his pants down (no names on this one but you know who you are). And needless to say, they once threw their fearless fully-clothed leader, Tucker Carlson, into a swimming pool at the palatial mansion of Publisher Neil Patel.

There have been hard times, too. A firing with an ugly aftermath. Reporters leaving on bad terms. Ongoing fighting with Politico. Ill will with now BuzzFeed Political Editor Ben Smith — Carlson once wrote him, “The Daily Caller is ‘struggling’? What a ludicrous hack job, and stupid. Fuck you.” When asked about it, the editor replied, “I meant it with all sincerity.” Relations with Smith are still icy. Bringing on a Managing Editor with a rap sheet as long as the Nile — and having to explain it.

The Animal House rep comes through loud and clear in the colorful release sent out for the occasion by the brand new Hollywood-bred publicist Nicole Roeberg. In it, Carlson says, “We sent more reporters to Iowa and New Hampshire this month than all but a handful of long-established newspapers. We’re covering a lot of news, and we’re enjoying the hell out of it.”

Key Statistics (from the release):

·       Number of news stories filed on January 11, 2010: 18
·       Number of news stories filed on January 10, 2012: 33
·       Total number of unique visitors to since January 11, 2010: 36,2545,472
·       Number of opinion contributors to The Daily Caller: 1,568

Other noteworthy stats:

·       Number of beer kegs consumed from the office kegerator: 48
·       Number of boxes of Nicorette consumed: 3,823 (all by Tucker, except for 2 consumed by Neil)
·       Number of empty Mountain Dew bottles in the office at any given time: 26
·       Number of knees broken: 1

Happy Birthday to The Daily Caller!  As always, DC scribes, we’re only a click away so write us and spill your secrets.