The Daily Beast’s Communication Problem

Perhaps soup cans would suffice in a situation like this.

How else is The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz supposed to communicate with his own publication to find out that colleagues are blatantly contradicting his message

In his weekend story, Kurtz, who clearly has never been through a category anything hurricane, blasts the media for over-hyping Hurricane Irene. Somehow he missed the story a few clicks away from his own saying how the hurricane “battered” the East Coast as well as the other hurricane pieces flooding the site. This morning’s Beast “Cheat Sheet” is also drowning in Hurricane Irene stories — everything from cleaning up and grading the pols (#1) to assessing the damage (#2) and the dead (#3).

Commenters on the site caught on quick to Kurtz’s clashing story.

Desertpenguin: Howard Kurtz and Lee Siegel sound disappointed that things weren’t worse so they’d have something more profound to write about. Something tells me you geniuses will get your wish. My wish is that your computers, wireless routers, and local nodes go down so neihter [sic] of you can submit more cynical and superficial articles like this.

thethunderbolt: Hmm…so this article is about “…scaremongering by television and local officials.” ..yet the next story you click over to on The Daily Beast main page says “With a fury nearly unmatched in recent memory, Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast.” Apparently The Daily Beast is not above engaging in a little hype too.

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