The Daily Baller Opens Up on Ex-Girlfriend, Gaga and Tokenism

Our resident Daily Baller Mike Riggs writes a first-person story this afternoon on a Peruvian ex-girlfriend with “long, straight, jet-black hair.” In the process, The Daily Caller reporter takes a whack at former TNR Editor Marty Peretz. The contention concerns discussion of Peretz, blacks and Muslims in a New York Magazine profile when asserting why he’s not a bigot.

Riggs takes the reader on a poignant, at times laugh-out-loud, Chic lit journey of getting to know his Waspy-acting ex-girlfriend M, who eventually met Grandma Gaga, the family’s Christian matriarch. M, it turned out, is Jewish. Like Riggs, Gaga had never met a Jewish person before. Gaga unknowingly got her sensitivity wires tangled at a luncheon meeting and made M cry. Before the breakup, Gaga and M became friends and bonded over Scrabble.


Then one day, while lying on my bed, M told me that she was Jewish.

The announcement stunned me like dynamite. I was raised Southern Episcopal, after all, and the Jews had killed Jesus.

Horror (had I been deceived?) quickly turned to fascination (I cannot remember meeting a Jew before this). M told me that her mother’s parents (as well as her adoptive father’s parents) were the only members of their families to escape the Holocaust. M answered all my questions about menorahs and yarmulkes. M wasn’t phased when I asked her to say something in Hebrew.

At lunch…

…Perhaps hoping to restart the conversation, Gaga pulled a Peretz. “I don’t know what Michael has told you, M, but I really like Jews.” Then she named every Jew she knew: Joe Lieberman, and if I remember correctly, the old man who repaired her vacuum.