Summertime… and the Flip-Flop Debating Is Easy

A very special, all-female The Cut roundtable discussion.

The topic: Men who wear flip-flops, beyond the beach.

The debaters: The Cut editorial director Stella Bugbee; fashion news editor Véronique Hyland; senior writer Jessica Roy; senior market editor Diana Tsui; producer Leah Rodriguez; associate editor of social media Ella Cerón; associate editor Erica Schwiegershausen; editorial assistant Stephanie Eckardt.

The FishbowlNY verdict: Co-editors Richard Horgan and Chris O’Shea will continue to occasionally sport an evening pair beyond St. Tropez, the Hamptons and Malibu, perhaps even at a future meeting with New York magazine brass. Despite opinions like this:

Jessica: I think feet are disgusting, and I think men’s feet are particularly disgusting, and I don’t understand why you need to wear them if you are not at the beach. I think if you are a fashion guy with clean feet wearing fashionable flip-flops, then sure, by all means. But 99 percent of guys are not.

And this:

Ella: The minute you put a flip-flop on, the entire outfit just disintegrates… I would go barefoot in Soho before wearing flip-flops. I think I have, actually.

Other debate participants are not as repulsed by the Marc Jacobs menswear look. To find out who leans on the freestanding male side of the flip-flop debate, read on.

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