The Curious Case of Carly Fiorina’s Protesters

What does it mean when all of your protest signs are on the same paper in the same handwriting with the same colored markers – donning the same slogans in different cities on allegedly different days? It means your spontaneous organic grassroots movement is totally on the same page! Solidarity!
Carly Fiorina’s Twitter account is proudly boasting about all these protests around California. “Protesters are gathering in Sacramento asking, ‘where are the jobs?!?!'”
We’ve figured out where one job is: it’s holding this thing the Twitter account calls a blimp and describes as “flying high above the Sacramento skies” when it’s actually a balloon held by a tall white kid.
After the break we’ve posted the protest photos from Fiorina’s Twitpic account. They’re unintentionally funny – of course nothing as great as the famed Demon Sheep.

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