The Chronic(le) of Books


If we had to choose two companies that most understood the value of good design, that might be pretty hard to narrow down. But let’s pretend that both companies had to be headquartered in the Bay Area. And one of them should hold events called “Why Good Design Matters.” And the other should make books.

Chronicle Books and Apple not only understand the value of good design, they actually help us do better design. Chronicle Books publishes a lot of the gorgeous, visually-driven books that inspire our work, and give us faith that somewhere, there are publishers and editors who “get it” and might truly appreciate our ideas, no matter how ridiculous they might seem. And while Apple is like the big enabler in this whole good design scenario, they also make sure to profile companies who use their equipment to brilliant effect.

That’s why it was so exciting to see “Different by Design”, an article about Chronicle Books on Apple’s Pro site. They talk with creative director Michael Carabetta, someone who we’ve met and admired and we hope to someday meet again when we have the nerve to tell him our ridculous idea and he’ll say, “I get it.”