The Chapel Hill Museum Announces Closure After Battle with City Council

Following last month’s news that the Fayetteville Museum of Art was closing its doors forever, July brings more proof that the recession still isn’t over in the museum business. The Chapel Hill Museum in North Carolina has announced that its final day of operation will be this Sunday, July 11th. Like in Fayetteville, the 17 year-old museum was hit hard financially over the past couple of years. However, that’s not the whole story with Chapel Hill. The closure is in large part related to a battle between the museum and the local town council, who had pledged support for both the operating costs and general maintenance, but not to the level the museum’s board felt they needed to continue on. There’s also the issue of both parties’ plan to eventually have the museum taken over completely as a city-run entity, which according to the Chapel Hills News has apparently gotten muddled. Also according to the paper, the museum’s sudden decision to close has caught most of the city officials completely off guard, and that a meeting is planned for the 21st to see if something can’t be worked out. So is it goodbye forever, or just a clever play by the museum to get what they need to continue on? We shall see.