The Brad Pitt Museum That Shall Never Be


We feel bad taking a story about Brad Pitt away from our co-editor Alissa, who seems to really like the young man, but we landed upon this and found it funny, so we’re running with it. We caught word late yesterday of a big announcement coming out of Springfield, Missouri, Pitt’s hometown, about plans to build a museum there, dedicated to the actor and budding architect’s life and work, based solely on a single interview, as told in this pull from

Susan Wade, head of PR for the town, says, “Springfield is very Midwestern and family oriented. We’re glad to have Brad as part of our history and culture. In fact, we need a Brad Pitt Museum.”

Hours later, only Radar had the good sense to call the woman to find out if this was confirmed or not. Turns out, you’re going to have to wait some more, because the whole thing was just a big joke turned into truthiness:

Wade…told OK! magazine about a running joke around their offices that Springfield should have a Brad Pitt museum because of the amount of interest travelers show in the buff thespian. But someone took the joke a little too seriously. “They changed my words. There’s no museum,” she said.