The Best And Worst Jobs

If you’re looking to get out of media, consider getting that computer science or mathematics degree, as six of job site CareerCast’s ten “Best Jobs Of 2010” involve math or computers.

CareerCast ranked 200 jobs based on salary, stress levels, work environment, physical risks, and hiring outlook, and the job titles that topped the list were…not in media. Surprise.

You could be an actuary, statistician, or accountant; a computer software engineer or a systems analyst.

If you really want to stick with what you know, Technical Writer came in at 13 out of 200, with a “very good” hiring outlook: Broadcast Technicians are 44th out of 200. Editor scored 65 out of 200, with low physical demands and low stress, but with a “poor” hiring outlook (surprise, again).

You’ve really got to dig through the whole list to find ratings on media (or even media-ish) jobs, but CareerCast has done a good job of making the data available for interested people.

Here’s the deal, though: Even if the “best” job in the world is that of being an actuary, people like us (or at least me, I guess) wouldn’t be happy. I’ve got no head for numbers and I’d be bored stiff. That’s why we drive ourselves crazy trying to find the jobs we want even if some website says that the hiring outlook is “poor” or even “dismal.” We do it because we can’t, or won’t, do anything else.