The Awl Loses Both Editors

More turnover.

Now that The Awl co-editor John Herrman has been selected as a David Carr Fellow, The Awl needs a new editor. Actually, make that two — The Awl’s other editor, Matt Buchanan, is also leaving.

While Herrman is headed to the Times, Buchanan told New York he is either “looking for a job” or “finally going to Med school.” “I sort of think running the Awl should maybe be a two-year position anyway,” added Buchanan.

Herrman and Buchanan are just the latest Awl departures — co-fouder Choire Sicha was hired by Vox Media just last week.

In a job posting, Herrman and Buchanan laid out some details for anyone looking to apply:

Applicants need to be seriously entrepreneurial in nature and welcoming of risk. The editor-in-chief will need to be able to execute long-term dream-schemes while responding to the horribly immediate. The job combines the thrill of executing a larger vision with the tyranny of managing a constantly overflowing inbox. This role has a large amount of autonomy, and therefore applicants need to have the attention to detail of a great managing editor, the confidence of an editor-in-chief and the moral compass of a columnist. Most importantly, we are primarily a horizontal and non-hierarchical organization, with an extremely strict no-assholes policy. Behavior is as much prized as talent; genuineness is as valuable as genius.

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