The Atlantic Interviewed 100 Workers Across America About Their Jobs

The Atlantic's new project looks at the jobs of workers who wear collars of many colors.

In a new project, The Atlantic has decided to go beyond the generalized idea of “worker” and talk in depth to real-life American workers about their specific jobs, what those jobs are like and how they feel about them. The pre and post-election talk about workers makes this timely, but the inspiration is older than that, derived from the 1974 book Working, Studs Terkel‘s collection of interviews with American workers.

We don’t know how we feel about the name, Inside Jobs, but the project itself is ambitious, featuring 100 interviews with workers who represent different geographic regions, races, genders, and type of jobs, from OnStar voice to cattle farmer to petroleum engineer to lawyer(s)–four of them.

You can check it out here.