The Atlantic Gets TV Deal

atlantic_060607.jpgWhen the Atlantic Monthly moved from Boston to Washington, it was promoted partially as a way for the magazine to stake out a 21st century identity. Now, a year and a half later, enter the Atlantic: The television show. The Observer reports the magazine has a deal with Plum TV that will include Atlantic-branded television morning shows, author readings, salons and literary events. Jage Toba, Plum TV’s network programming director, used the announcement to take a stab at potential rival Book TV:

“Much as I love Book TV, it’s not the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life,” Mr. Toba said. “I think that’s true for a lot of people like us, who love books. We’re interested in a lot of what happens on Book TV, but we can join the late 20th century and move it on a touch.”

Atlantic programming will be tested in Nantucket this summer. If all goes well, Plum TV hope to expand broadcasts to their other markets including the Hamptons, Miami Beach and Martha’s Vineyard.