The Astonishing Destruction of London’s P&O Tower

From Dezain, we learned about the amazing teardown of the P&O Tower in London. Built in the mid-60s, it’s being cleared out to make way for a big Richard Rogers skyscraper. There’s nothing unique in an older building getting torn down, but with this one, it’s the way they’re tearing it apart. They’re doing it floor by floor, from the ground up even, leaving one of the weirdest looking buildings ever. We kinda wish they’d leave it as it is now because it looks pretty fantastic. Here’s some:

Most towers are dismantled from the top down but due to the unusual design of 122 Leadenhall Street, this building is being dismantled from the ground up. The reason is that the floors are hung from a beam at the roof level which is supported by the core. Matthew White, British Land’s project director told the London Evening Standard that “The 15 storey building, constructed in 1965, was one of only four in London to have been constructed in this way — and the first to be demolished. Eventually the beam will be deconstructed at roof level leaving the core, which will be demolished from the top down.”