The Anti-Sweet Shows up to WH Presser

Forecast in the White House briefing room today: Blustery. In other words, not sugary.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was in the hot seat today as reporters grilled him on a topic that he would not discuss: White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel‘s reportedly imminent departure.

Chicago Sun Times White House Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet , who also writes The Daily Flotus column for Politics Daily, apparently wasn’t feeling so sweet today. She kept sniping at Gibbs as he held strong and continually reported that he had nothing to report. “The President will have a personal announcement tomorrow 11:05 from the East Room,” he told the ravenous White House Press Corps.  “We’ll have the specifics then.”

This is when Sweet got spicy. “Why is this announcement rising to the level of  a personal announcement by the President?” she barked. Growing more annoyed, she added, “We’re talking about Rahm Emanuel resigning to run for Mayor of Chicago.”

Gibbs finally told her, “I read your paper. I’ve read a number of papers. I’m here to tell you the president…Come up here, you should brief!”