The after-party 06

It was hard not to wander through the posh Bloomberg after-party at the Macedonian Embassy and wonder, “Couldn’t they have maybe just given this money to, say, the people of Macedonia?” (Word on the street had it that Al Hunt, the master of improving Bloomberg’s DC bureau, even tried to convince Bloomberg HQ to use some of the money allocated for their annual soiree to get a few more reporters).

As always, the Bloomberg party lived up to its hype. Security was even more tight this year. Not only was the guest list more exclusive (held tight at 750), but registration was (yes, long lines) an impressively high-tech computerized operation.

Once you were inside (assuming you weren’t cool enough to come in through the VIP area, replete with celebrity photographers) and had made it through the first hallway, designed–apparently–to recreate the sensation of walking through a giant maze, you first noticed the grandness of it all. Although it was all held in a tent (and took all week to set up), we’d take this tent over a house anyday of the week.

Some of the big stars we saw while there were Tiki Barber, Ludacris, Stephen Colbert, Antonin Scalia, Isaiah Washington, Ann Coulter, Morgan Fairchild, George Pataki, Gen. Richard Myers and Tommy Lasorda (Clooney did a private shingdig with his posse at Blue Gin).

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There were a few things that stuck out to most guests. First, the kick-ass bongo/drum player was a crowd favorite. Second, lots and lots of waterfalls. Third, who knew beet chips were really that tasty? Fourth, some of those infused vodka shots tasted a bit too much like Robitussin. Fifth, is that a fog wall? The Hill’s Jeff Dufour enjoyed it immensely.

But guests were most curious about the bathrooms, which were covered in so much ivy and plants and shrubbery that even Tarzan might have difficulty finding the john (seriously, bark on the door handles?!?)

(Am I really in the jungle? Or am I really that drunk?)

Despite the packed crowd, it wasn’t too terribly difficult to get a drink from the friendly bartenders and revelers enjoyed the tasty beverages.

On your way out, attendees grabbed the schwag bag, which featured these little adorable slippers:

More notable pictures:

Tommy Lasorda:

Governor George Pataki:

Tony Kornheiser:

Morgan Fairchild: