The 1st FishbowlDC Contest

We love the Post, but we also love gently ribbing them for some of their more, um, adorable (?) articles. You know ones that go like this:

“Did you hear about this whole…”

losing your virginity during the summer thing?
interns networking thing?
wing woman thing?

And, of course, today’s, “ain’t it funny how, like, smells can bring back memories?

So we’d like to open it up to FishbowlDC readers for our first ever FishbowlDC Contest (winner gets a free copy of’s book “Get a Freelance Life:’s Insider Guide to Freelance Writing”).

What article can we expect next from the Post? Will we see, “Dang! This Internet thing could be huge!” Or “Sliced bread: Wow!” Maybe “Air Conditioner Use Increases During the Summer.” Or perhaps “Say Goodbye To Salt: Freezers Are Here To Stay!”

Let us know your article ideas and we’ll send the lucky winner the book.

fishbowldc AT mediabistro DOT com (or if you just want to send a funny article idea anonymously, feel free to use the tips box)