Temp Bill Rates Expected to Rise This Year

SixFigureFreelancerTemp labor is certainly here to stay. Need proof? Per ERE.net, last year employers across the country worked with 2.8 million temp employees. That’s an increase of 7.9 percent compared to 2012.

Plus, staffing firms beefed up their jobs to the tune of 16,875 per month last year. That’s the fastest pace since 2010! Although temp bill rates have remained flat, per the piece, rates will rise this year.You would think that’s good news, right? Workers may not necessarily see the additional money in their paychecks. Temp agencies may raise bill rates without having their workers reap the rewards, too.

The agencies will have leverage to increase their rates due to an increase in demand and a less abundant supply of workers. Doesn’t it always go back to Economics 101? Supply and demand, my friend.