Tell Us More Sharon Waxman

Over at, Daily Media News Feed editor David Hirschman interviews The Wrap founder Sharon Waxman. Among the more interesting tidbits, Waxman responds to the popular Internet rumor that she’s going to flip The Wrap to the highest bidder the first chance she gets.

We don’t have any plans to sell The Wrap right now. We have investors, and our investors expect to be able to get a return on their investment, which I fully intend to give them. We’re funded by a venture capital firm, so they’re not in it for the fun. But right now, I’m not really thinking about when we sell the company. I’m thinking about this huge growth opportunity that we have. So we’re currently looking at expanding — expanding our coverage in other verticals that are related to entertainment. And we are raising money at the moment for that expansion.

I definitely wouldn’t rule out our finding an alliance with some bigger media company down the road, but right now I think we’re very much at the beginning of this venture, and I think we feel that we’re on the map in a really significant way, and that there is a huge opportunity for us to become the number one voice in the space. That’s really the goal. And my goal is to create a business model that works for quality journalism.