TechCrunch ‘Star’ MG Siegler To Become General Partner In CrunchFund

The TechCrunch saga has gotten even more complicated, with MG Siegler leaving his job as writer for TechCrunch to become a venture capitalist helping to manage the $20 million CrunchFund that is backing, among others, other ex-TechCrunch writer Paul Carr’s new startup.

Head spinning yet? The CrunchFund was announced earlier this year, funded partially by TechCrunch corporate owners AOL and partially by investors TechCrunch covers, and the resulting conflict of interest accusations wound up doing a number of things:

  1. Michael Arrington, who founded TechCrunch and sold to AOL, left (and started a new blog called UnCrunched)
  2. Paul Carr quit to start a new company, which CrunchFund is partially backing
  3. And now MG Siegler will no longer be a staff writer for TechCrunch. Michael Arrington’s hired him to be a general partner in the CrunchFund.

According to PaidContent, though, Siegler will return as a columnist with a very narrow scope: he’ll cover nothing but Apple. “He won’t write about startups or venture capital. And just like he has always done, he will continue to follow our editorial standards, which require strict disclosures for any kind of conflict whatsoever—financial, business, or personal,” said TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld.

On Siegler’s blog, he writes that TechCrunch and he together “figured out a way for me to keep doing what it is that I do best — the Apple beat — while also pursuing this new career. I’d also like to thank Erick [Schonfeld] and Heather [Harde] for that opportunity.”