Tech Museum in San Jose Suffers Hack, Museum Members’ Information Stolen

So what do you do if you’re a museum focused on telling the story of technology and you get attacked by a hacker? Do you report it as a crime and repair any damages, or do you also find it somewhat interesting, given your field of study? Such will likely be on the minds at The Tech Museum in the Bay Area, as the San Jose Mercury reports that the organization was recently hacked into, with information stolen that included “as many as 800 people who created an account on the museum website,” as well as various pieces about museum members, people who had signed up for events, and “nominees for the museum’s tech awards in 2009.” The Tech was reportedly swift into action once they’d learned about the hack, immediately sending off emails to those who were thought to have been affected, as well as updating their online security features. Fortunately, the damage seems minimal, the information was older and not particularly revealing (no credit card or social security details), and if anything, now the museum has a great lede, should it ever put together an exhibit on hackers.