Sarah Palin at the Beverly Hilton Alongside a Monkey? You Betcha!

Canadian journo Bill Brioux is not alone. Although TV critics have taken in some odd sights over the years at the TCA Winter and Summer sessions, last night’s poolside NBC party at the Beverly Hilton had them buzzing on Twitter about a possible new watershed.

Blogs Brioux this morning:

These bleary eyes have seen strange sights but the strangest I ever did see, was the night Sarah Palin stole the show from a monkey and NBC.

And I’ve seen some strange sights. I’ve seen grown men struggle to get a usable quote from Ozzy Osbourne. I’ve seen Jay Leno, disguised as a reporter, gooning the head of his own network. I’ve seen Lifetime attempt to impose a cash bar. Tuesday night’s NBC cocktail reception may go down as the oddest press tour sight of them all.

Palin was in attendance to support husband Todd’s reality endeavor Stars Earn Stripes, set to debut August 13. Crystal the Monkey meanwhile was schmoozing on behalf of Animal Practice.

Extra points to Brioux for his blog item headline:
What’s Sarah Palin Doing at NBC Bash? Alaska

[Photo courtesy fellow Canadian TV critic @robsalem]