TBD Titanic Loses Chaggaris

In an ever dwindling staff over at TBD, Steve Chaggaris, VP of Cable News, has found his life raft. He leaves the seriously weakened publication this week. He announced the news today to his staff. He’s the last of the original management team to leave. He does not know what’s next and is weighing his options.

“I have no regrets coming here,” Chaggaris told FishbowlDC. “It was a leap of faith for a lot of us. We were left with a rewarding experience that shattered our hearts by a decision that changed course. It doesn’t mean I feel any animosity or that I feel it wasn’t worth my while over the past year and a half. I got to work with some wonderful journalists and made some good friends here. It’s just odd to see this sort of end. I think this is the ultimate end to the original vision.”

As far as Chaggaris knows, TBD.com plans to continue with  less than five reporters and an Arts & Entertainment editor.

Prior to joining TBD, Chaggaris worked at CBS News as the political director. He joked that he preferred the Poseidon Adventure metaphor to that of the Titantic. We’ll honor his wishes.

Last week we watched TBD lose it’s Editor, Erik Wemple, to WaPo and its Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry to JRC. Several reporters have already migrated to HuffPost. We know those still on board the sinking ship are feeling pressure to jump and figure out what comes next.