TBD Hates on FBDC for Hating on Haters

Andrew Beaujon

Perhaps it’s the slow news week or maybe a cry for attention…  Whatever the cause (though I assume it’s the latter), TBD.com Arts and Entertainment Editor Andrew Beaujon jumped on the Betsy-bashing bandwagon today with a “hard-hitting investigation” that asked the tough question: does Betsy Rothstein (FishbowlDC)  hate the people she covers?  The basis of the hypocritical hit piece was an aggregation of Rothstein’s Twitter spats over the past year.  In his article, Beaujon hates on Betsy for hating on people who hate on her. Whatever the motivation, the outcome was success for the traffic-starved site as a slew of hateful tweets highlighting Beaujon’s hit on Betsy’s “hatred” toward haters poured in.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and WaPo‘s Ezra Klein are just a few of the journalists who chimed in over Twitter to piss on the ever-tarnishing Golden Rule:

@KeithOlbermann: Wonderful reading: tweets & tribulations of the self-inflating Betsy Rothstein of @FishbowlDC http://tbd.ly/fu4A1z

@LoriMalloryTO: @KeithOlbermann @FishbowlDC That was fairly awesome. She’s like the Soup Nazi of Twitter, but without the talent. #NoSoupForYou!!

@ezraklein:@FishbowlDC Aww, Bets, aren’t you just the sweetest piece of pie in the mid-Atlantic?

@ezraklein: @fishbowldc‘s Betsy Rothstein is a charming individual: http://tbd.ly/fu4A1z

@KeithOlbermann: That’s the best you’ve got? My dad died last year, want to work that in somehow? Psycho.

@ezraklein: @FishbowlDC But to be fair, it’s only because I think you’re a bad journalist and don’t trust you. Don’t take it personally!
@ParkyBill: @fishbowldc is proof that “stupid is the new smart” in Republican DC. Mmm! Figs!

@alisavino: unfollowing @FishbowlDC Betsy’s childishness is too grating on my sanity. she is emblematic of the very worst of DC

@ezraklein: @FishbowlDC Of course journalists and journalism are worthy of coverage. But you’re a gossip writer. It’s different.

In a matter of an hour Betsy (FishbowlDC) was taunted, teased and bashed. She was labeled “psycho,” “self-inflating,” “stupid,” “worst of DC,” “a bad journalist,” untrustworthy and  talentless.  Geez- I can’t imagine why her tweets aren’t sugary sweet.

Which leads us back to TBD’s story about Twitter feuds.  Beaujon admits that Rothstein rarely instigates the supposed spats so  what exactly is he criticizing?  That Betsy doesn’t abstain from the act of self-preservation?  That she fights back under attack?  Or maybe the post was more about an unknown editor of a lonely beat at a quiet website finally getting his day in the spotlight…

Keep it klassy, folks.