Taylor Negron’s Christmas Story

Some incandescent childhood memories, retold last spring at the Wharton Center in East Lansing, Michigan

“You will never, ever see a monkey walk through that door!”

As actor Taylor Negron recalled very recently for New York City storytelling series The Moth, that is what his New York-bred mother firmly declared one day in 1970 in Los Angeles after Negron, then 12, expressed a desire to own a primate. But sometimes, even such resolutely set circumstances can magically change.

Do yourself a favor and listen to (or watch below) Negron’s retelling of how Carroll came into his life at Christmastime and eventually wowed Jim Morrison, Negron’s cousin Chuck and the rest of Three Dog Night. It’s a wonderful way to remember the spirit of Negron, who passed away Saturday after a long battle with cancer.

Another dynamic way to celebrate Negron is to read his own words published late Saturday on xoJane.com. Negron’s final column for the site, handled by teary-eyed editor-at-large Mandy Stadtmiller, is all about how fellow New Yorkers dealt with Negron’s “fame-ish” standing. RIP.

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