Tasini Doesn’t Pay Contributors to His Site

Well, this is interesting: Gawker is reporting that Jonathan Tasini has a site that invites readers to contribute, but he doesn’t pay any of them. Apparently he publishes his readers comments often, and even cites them as the reason for the site’s success.

So why doesn’t he pay them? Tasini thinks that’s a ridiculous idea:

‘It hasn’t had any ads in several years, but there were a couple unions that did buy some advertising,’ he said. ‘They wanted to support the work I was doing.’ So how much of that did he kick back to commenters and readers whose e-mails he ran? ‘There was never a thought that we would do that,’ he said. ‘Oh, I see what you’re doing. Are you comparing my little blog to the Huffington Post? That’s absurd.’

Right. So according to that logic, if your site makes a lot of money, you should pay your contributors. If your site doesn’t make a ton of cash, then it’s fine to do exactly what Tasini claims to be so morally against.

Oh Tasini, you so crazy.