Taschen Releases New New New York Interiors (Which is New)

It’s just been announced that publisher Taschen is rolling out a new take on one of their classics next month with an all-new 2008 edition of New New York Interiors, showing off the homes of those in the city, both famous and, well, maybe slightly-less-famous (note: we realize that we just used the word “new” about fifty times just now, but since the title has the word twice, we figured it was okay). From the online sample, it looks like it’s another great collection of places you could only dream about living in (after the mandatory $150 dream fee, of course). But, for some strange reason, in their description of the book, Taschen seems to think that NY has gotten more eclectic and less pricey to live in:

New York has long been a magnet for artistic people, and since Septermber 11, the city has become less money-driven and more creative, with an unprecedented of influx graphic designers, interior designers, artists, gallerists, and collectors.

Huh. Maybe this is about another NY we don’t know about? We’ll need to do some hunting around for it.