Tapper Spanks Curtis Sliwa: The Transcript

Curtis Sliwa is a class act. He reeks of swellegance and savoir faire (Averted Gaze). After calling Barbara Walters a ”cadaver in formaldehyde,” and Joy Behar ”Joyless,” and Whoopi Goldberg, ”The Whoopster with all of the add-ons to her dreadlocks,” WABC’s resident rapier wit had ABC’s Jake Tapper on the phone to talk about Reverend Wright’s … behavior. Tapper, of course, caught the irony. Hereafter, an invitiation to a media spanking; Transcript:

Sliwa: I’d never hear that he had Jake Tapper of ABC national news, Have you or any of your colleagues ever heard that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in fact knew he had deeply offended people?

Jake Tapper: No, I have not, but … can I take issue for a second with the way you described the women on The View?

Sliwa: Oh oh

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Tapper: I mean ..that .. was kind of rude to describe, especially Barbara Walters — who I work with at ABC News — that way …

Sliwa: Oh, please. Jake, I’m entitled to my point of view. You can do straight news. I’m a commentator. I don’t have to, uh, basically suck up to them.

Tapper: I’m not asking you to suck up to them. It’s just … it’s just rude and disrespectful. Barbara Walters is … an established journalist who has worked very, very hard for many, many years ..

Sliwa: You really think The View is a serious discussion of political events, Jake?

Tapper: You’re putting words in my mouth. I’m saying I’m taking issue with the way you described Barbara Walters. I don’t think it was very (undecipherable)

Sliwa: OK, what about ”Joyless” Behar, who was a colleague of mine here at WABC, whom I’ve worked with …

Tapper: I don’t know Joy Behar, I don’t know Whoopi Goldberg. But Barbara Walters works at ABC News and I take issue with the way you described her.

Sliwa: OK, so, I have my description, I have my personal viewpoints, throw me under the bus, excommunicate me from WABC ..

Tapper: Again, you can put words in my mouth all you want, all I’m saying is … I was invited to come on and talk about inappropriate comments made by Reverend Wright and you refer — and you have every right to do it, this is America — you can characterize what I’m saying any way you want. But all I’m saying is you have me on to talk about inflammatory, incendiary, offensive remarks by Reverend Jeremiah Wright … and you are describing Barbara Walters the same way …

Sliwa: Hey Jake, let me tell you something: This is my show. You know something; you have your own show. You’ve already chastised me, you’ve already spanked me. Can we get to the issue at hand?

And oh, what a mighty spanking it was.