Tao Nightclub Targets Next Generation of Drinkers

According to the latest Nightclub & Bar magazine rankings, the top three grossing nightlife establishments in the United States are all located in Vegas. No surprise there.

But even when you’re pulling in between $60 and $70 million annually, there’s no rest for the wicked. Las Vegas Review-Journal business reporter Laura Carroll has the skinny [margarita] on an ingenious campaign devised by third-ranked Tao Nighclub for U.S. and Canadian residents about to turn Nevada legal-drinking age:

Those who soon will be 21 write in to Tao’s website and tell the club their birthday and when they’re coming to Vegas. Tao then will create a birthday party Evite for the guest of honor to post on social media sites.

On the big night, admission and the first round of shots are comped for a small group. Tao also will send out a tweet near the event to wish a happy birthday to whomever is celebrating. Birthday babies also receive an “I turned 21 @Taolasvegas” T-shirt. All free of charge.

Not to be morbid, but if Forest Lawn cemeteries in SoCal are not already Evite-marketing the back end of our life cycle in slightly more solemn fashion, they may well want to consider doing so. Read the full LVRJ piece here.

[Image courtesy taolasvegas.com]