Chicago Playwright’s Tarot Reading Pans Out in LA

Fun story today in Texas regional newspaper The Monitor by Brandon R. Garcia.

His subject is former local Tanya Saracho, who went on to garner acclaim as a playwright in Chicago and whose work El Nogalar is about to open in LA. Garcia recounts how Windy City folk thought Saracho was “loco” to turn down an opportunity four years ago to to meet with west coast reps for a major cable network, to discuss writing for a TV series.

Instead, Saracho held firm that she needed to continue working on her writing in Chicago. Only her tarot card reader was with her, and four years later, it has all lined up with as predicted:

“My señora told me, ‘Don’t worry … it will come back around again,’ said Saracho. Last week, Saracho left McAllen-Miller International Airport after a holiday stay in the [Rio Grande] Valley on a plane bound for Los Angeles, where she’ll be for at least the next few months…

She now has a manager, a TV writing agent… and a meeting to talk about writing for TV a series. On that same major cable channel. With the same producers she turned down four years ago.

Ha ha, that’s just great. Welcome to LA, Ms. Saracho.