Talking Social Media, Non-Profits, and New York Internet Week!

Hard to believe but New York Internet Week is almost upon us again. And if the participation levels during February’s Social Media Week, and SXSWi are anything to go by it’s not hard to imagine that this year’s events will be bigger, and better, and dominated by…social media! (Also, Twitter…what a difference a year makes).
To wit: Kate Miltner (who can also advise you on a good tweet vs. a bad tweet) has put together a panel to talk about social media for non-profits featuring Charitini’s Rachel Sklar, the NYT‘s Soraya Darabi, Matthew Knell from SM4SC, and The Center’s Allison Palmer.

The panel will actually be a kickoff event for a monthly or bi-monthly discussion of pertinent issues relating to the world of social media. This first one will focus on social media and non-profits, and will about the challenges/benefits unique to non-profits in the SM space, some case studies, and then wrap it up with how the panel thinks they’ll be using social media moving forward. Check out the full details here.