Talking Back: What You’ve Told Us…

Before turning the “bowl” back to you again, we thought we’d share the results of FishbowlDC’s most recent polls. This is what you’ve told us…

Nearly two-thirds of you felt that Tom Brokaw should not accept his appointment to the Commission on WH Fellowships:

Should Brokaw Accept the Presidential Appointment

65% No
35% Yes

When it comes to WH correspondents, you like ’em bearded. NBC’s Chuck Todd was your favorite with nearly a quarter of the vote. ABC’s Jake Tapper and FNC’s Major Garrett battled it out for second place but in the end, Garrett pulled ahead with 18% of your vote.

Who is your favorite WH Correspondent?

Chuck Todd 24%
Major Garrett 18%
Jake Tapper 16%

And, you were the wind beneath the “right-wing.” 60% of you felt it was unfair to define the shooter at the Holocaust Museum as “right-wing.”

Was it fair for the media to use “right-wing” as a description of the Holocaust Museum Shooter

60% No
40% Yes