Taking What They’re Given Because They’re Working For a Living


A nice call to arms to all design firms and studios out there from Metropolis this week. Through the eyes of Eva Menz, a London-based designer who works in making gigantic chandeliers and other steel-based installations, she talks about looking for design assistants and suddenly being overwhelmed by how many applicants she heard from and then the benefits she, as well as they, got from working together. There’s also a good bit about how important it is to take on these newbies and give them an idea of how everything works. Here’s some:

For Menz, getting to know the trainees is an important part of the program. During social activities like the picnic-style lunch she provides every day, she learns about their goals while building camaraderie among the group. Once the program has passed the experimental phase, Menz plans to publish the results as a manual for other companies to use as a model. One trainee has advanced so far that she’s recently become Menz’s first full-time paid employee. The program is paying off; after all, the new hire was made possible by several new commissions and those projects will certainly require the help of new trainees.